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(Sorry I see no ‘edit’ button for the above so I’ll add my clarification here).

P.S. I want to clarify the idea behind my post above. I’m talking about actual trumpet playing potential dependent on actual physical limitations.

What I mean: I have “played” trumpet regularly over 10 years and naturally I would have developed enough muscle support for my embouchure to be able to overblow and squeeze out a high C. Well, according to Greg many real trumpet players do just that.
However – when I try to intelligently to overblow and prepare my embouchure for the high C with the worst sound possible – I have no sound coming through or otherwise just hiss coming through.

Actually the G on top of the staff is a ‘cut-out’ note. Everything above it with the highest amount of overblow and anything including kicks or pushes or whatever existing bad technique possible “Just to get there” – simply doesn’t work for me.

I mean I don’t even try to play with those bad techniques – I sometimes use them just a a test to find out if I have a potential for good techniques but my bad techniques that work for real trumpeters don’t work for me as an indicator that I have a potential.
Hope this is clear now.

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