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I switched from a 3C to a 1 1/2C and actually found the bigger MP gave me better range, control.

Ive been experimenting with a Bach Commercial 3MV, which is much shallower / brighter.

It’s made me really have to focus on less is more, there’s no room in the MP for extra lip protruding into it.

I’m still figuring it out, but have realized how little I need to engage the aperture corners to change pitch.

Lately, ive been thinking more of “leading with the air” and allowing the embochure/aperture to adapt to the air only as much as necessary to keep the seal between the lips and MP.

When things are going good, it feels almost as though I’m not really doing anything with my lips, just thinking of the note I want to play and it comes…sometimes…sometimes not, I’m working on consistency and control.

I know I’m making minute changes, but focusing more on the air is helping me stay relaxed and not over engaging the lips.

I’m not trying to contradict anything in WindWorks–I am not saying blow harder or even faster, its more subtle like directing the air upward.

Focusing on Passive air released, not blown, helped me a lot, I focused on that for months. But now I am finding the air being the focus helps me. And I’m almost trying to miss the higher note(s) by seeing how little I can get away with, seeing if the note I’m attempting still sounds and ive been amazed at how open and forward my lips feel.

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