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John – I’ve already seen your posts (also in response to my ‘Big Quesion…’ thread) where you confessed that you had similar problems to what I have now, that is inability to play above the staff.
You see! – Here you say you could actually get those notes speaking.
What worries me is that I never had any success at finding them above the staff. I tried soft, hard, slow, fast, high tongue, low tongue – you name it.
Well, I now trust Greg – that’s not the way to go but what worries me again is there are probably quite a few people who play there with some excessive tension but they can do it nonetheless.
Well… I’ve read stories that some lucky beginners were getting high C’s on the first lesson – sort of natural squealers. Of course we are all different with different potential.
You can’t imagine how many times in the past, after watching some video on YT in which a capable trumpet player was showing his high C and saying ‘It’s not difficult – just make a small aperture and blow fast air – imagine 20 feet away and that High C will pop up’ – that I thought ‘Well, I know how to make it happen, it should work’ – Pshhhhhh – No – It didn’t 🙁

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