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Today I realized why I can’t do the Largo Status exercises as intended – with the ‘Beautiful’ sound:
– Obviously I can’t find the pitch center of notes other than maybe for the Low C.
– I can’t find optimal airflow. “Passive Release” just seems to be easy. It is NOT. If uncontrolled and not coordinated with the embouchure (SHAPE?) it doesn’t add anything except for the PROCESS feel of the exercises but the sound quality goes out the window.
– I constantly forget about the ‘UUUHHH’ shape when I concentrate on the passive release. Too many things to keep in mind.

I find the method quite difficult when in unsupervised mode.
However, I can now see the problems. Good ear and pitch recognition are very important for trumpet.
OK, I better start rambling and return to this thread IF I have some RESULTs … “IF”…

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