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I’m doing Largo exercises. I’ve finished my first week of doing nothing but them.
What I find and what I feel:
– I can play Singing C’s just fine but overtones (4ths and a 5th on C) often are very faint. Sometimes they don’t speak. Sometimes they open up for some reason. Sometimes I feel a slight kick from the belly to active them and then I tell myself: ‘Wait, wait – stop that!’

– I can hardly do overtone slurs in Singing C’s – at ‘p’ they don’t want to lock in. 4th are better but the 5th on Low C is very hard with the rules observed.

– Individual tones in Largo Status: I now begin to find the tonal center of notes but I have to make a conscious effort to make them sound resonant.
I feel that I have to adjust the embouchure shape on the fly. Weird!

– That’s it! – Although I manage to do everything from the Big open Passive Release, sometimes this release begins to “inflate” too quickly.
I feel that I have to control the amount of “release”. Bad? Normal? – I don’t know.

– I tried today to play some easy stuff with limited range just to vary my endless “Largo days”.
Actually – does anyone know a dozen of standards that don’t go up above middle D? For instance, ‘It Could Happen to You’ in the ‘native Bb’ – F Maj goes up to middle C only and it’s great tune in the context of the method.
A lot of other nice simple stuff however like ‘Here is that Rainy Day’, “The Days of Wine and Roses” and so on in the native Bb score go higher and require more effort especially with some long notes held as long tones up high. Even a tone down in the Concert key they are more challenging.
So – any suggestions on tunes similar in range to ‘It Could Happen to You’ ?
It’s important I think to have them as a singing quality ballad.

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