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A little more of random thoughts.
– When I start the “Largo session” I “set up” my Low C with closed eyes, taking Big BCH-breath and starting to release the air into the mouthpiece with more or less loose ‘Uuuuh’-shape.
In the beginning the Low C might not even speak correctly. After maybe 5 to 10 breaths like that I find the correct ‘Uhhh’- shape tension and begin to “shape-up” my passive release until the air released produces resonant and open C.
– I don’t care about what I get in the very beginning! I let the air take care of everything.
Sounds Simple? – It is actually NOT!

– Before everything else I do maybe 20 or 30 _Long_ Low C-s in a raw. Breath-Release and so on.

– When I do Long tones in the Largo Status I don’t use metronome! At this stage I feel that it takes away my attention and I can’t properly find the tones’ center. So I only concentrate on getting a good resonant tone. Maybe later I can add a metronome. Not now. – No and don’t even ask me! 😉

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