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I understand the concept, get the feel of it just right but I can’t play above the staff nevertheless. I don’t know what’s the reason for my failure but it seems to me it’s not the way I play but rather some features of my physical setup that don’t allow me to play higher notes. The middle of my aperture just stops vibrating at higher frequencies.
That is – I’m fine with the singing Cs concepts both on theoretical and practical level but the concept works for me only up to middle C, no higher.

Hi again, you have just nailed your issue and reinforced what I said to you in the chat we had.

The middle C is where you really start to “power-on” and really overblow.

I have given lessons to professional players who cannot do the Singing C exercises the next harmonic up on the E yet have great ranges, they just use force to make it work.

You are physically capable of doing the C Singing C Series exercises, it is just that your body doesn’t know how to respond because you have pulled the air pressure away so the lips can’t respond. Why? Because they are pinched. You could feel it, I could hear it and see it.

You need to change the way you are doing things and that is tough!!!


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