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I have been thinking more about the concept of Whistling and Playing the Trumpet. I recalled this thread, so I thought I would post again on this thread.

I feel that there are some useful similarities to note between whistling and playing the trumpet, such as:

1. You must keep the lips as relaxed as possible and form the aperture by engaging the muscles around the lips (i.e.”aperture corners”) in order to whistle. If you purse or pucker your lips too tightly by engaging the muscles within the lips themselves, the vibration stops. This is similar to playing the trumpet–if we engage the lip muscles directly when playing, it can reduce the ability of the lips to vibrate as freely/fast (high) vs keeping them relaxed.

2. If you blow too hard, as noted above, the vibration stops

When I Blow, as if to blow out a candle (for instance), I tend to form a firmer shape with my lip muscles tensed, and no whistle happens because of this flexion of my lips and the fact that I tend to blow harder.

When I Whistle, I relax the lips more and back off the air more than when I blow.

For some people, I am wondering if this analogy between Blowing out a Candle vs Whistling may help them.

But of course this may only be me–others might not have the same sensations as I do when I whistle / blow out a candle. So I thought I would just throw this concept out on this thread and see if Greg or others might have an opinion / want to comment.

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