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Greg – isn’t ‘AUH’ shape, at least in its fundamental form is a kind of Maggio type? Doing ‘AUH’ extends the lips forward a little, however it’s probably not an extreme pucker associated with the original Maggio setting – ‘the monkey lips’.
I just read an interview with you taken off ‘The Brass Herald, July 2014, Issue 54.’ and in the text you say that “…My “AaaaahOoooh” exercise is a combination of Maggio, Jacobs and Bobby Shews’ spit rice. It is all about getting the lips out of the way and allowing them to RESPOND to the airflow.”
(published online so I’m not sure if it’s legal to quote).

So, at least you’ve got a very good idea of the Maggio system but I doubt you advocate extreme Maggio-style pucker.
Let’s put it in a different way: Would you discourage your students from using the original Maggio “monkey” embouchure?

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