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You’re welcome. As I mentioned above, I ran into a little difficulty / relapse myself last week but am happy to report I had one of my best days ever, maybe my best–the day is still early and I haven’t played that much yet. But I’m having a great day, above the staff feels easy / like playing on the staff feels and the sound is full and resonant.

I got there by re-focusing on the fundamentals, the process and not just thinking about the results I wanted / fulfilling my expectations, etc.

Also, I focused on leading with the air (Passive or Active, but not Blowing harder / overblowing), just starting with the air and engaging the aperture corners in response to the air column and only engaging the aperture corners (not the lips themselves, the muscles surrounding the lips, I think) as much as necessary and kind of “feathering” the aperture corners in response to the air kind of like sailing a boat, driving a manual transmission car, putting your finger over a hose nozzle–interacting with the air column and only engaging the aperture corners as much as necessary then experimenting with letting go / opening up and seeing what that does to volume, resonance, etc.

Doing that, I did a harmonic slur easily up to the top of my range kind of accidentally–I was trying to do a harmonic slur but didn’t anticipate going that high, and the tone was full, resonant, musical.

I still need to figure out how to control things better, but I believe I’m reaching a new plateau of understanding how the instrument works.

As Greg mentioned above, keep doing laps through the course, watching the videos, etc. I have listened to the videos on my 1 hour commute many times on the way to / from work. I believe thinking about it away from the instrument has helped me a lot.

Hope that helps you and best of luck–keep us posted!

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