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Great to hear, John. I had a similar experience and WindWorks has helped me play better than ever before. When things are going right, it feels and sounds better than I ever thought possible.

Wow, I just read what Greg wrote above:

When I started the process of change, I was a full-time playing professional. I could not get the leadpipe to speak for ages BUT THE FEELING of what I was doing was awesome so over time I transferred the feeling of freedom into my playing.

I didn’t recall that from before but know it’s a gradual process. I kind of stumbled upon things initially and popped up above the staff, then had difficulty realizing what it was that I was doing and being able to replicate it consistently. Several laps through Largo, etc. helped me solidify things more.

Yesterday and today, I have been spending a few minutes on my mouthpiece by itself. I am intentionally trying to avoid saying “buzzing my mouthpiece” as that’s literally what I used to do–I would tighten my lips more than necessary and wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing it for.

I think I get it now and it does seem to have helped me to have better form and a more precise / efficient aperture/embouchure.

I have been releasing air into the mouthpiece and trying to keep my embouchure as relaxed as possible and just doing some Stamp scales and trying to get a full and consistent sound.

I think that and “leading with the air” have helped me quite a bit the past couple of days.

I need to spend some time on the different articulation exercises in WindWorks and using Active vs Passive air.

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