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Steve, I just wanted to add my two cents… I agree with Eric above. I’ve been a really good player, and I have played for 40 years or more and had a tone that I liked have been in numerous bands and done many recording sessions. I now perform infrequently, but still have a lot of fun with it. I just felt like I had too much tension in my neck and many years ago developed a hernia because of pushing too hard. After three months working with Greg‘s program, I feel like I too do not want to go back to my old sound. Even though I only am really comfortable with my new embouchure up to a G in the staff, I have faith that the openness and ease I feel down there is going to translate eventually into my upper register. And it’s already helping my old sound over much of my range.

So sorry you had trouble, Steve. I hope whatever path you take moving forward helps you get your groove back.

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