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hi steve .. I m also steve.. not sure if you’re still around to read this.. but I checked out your videos.. you’re like me.. 100% application.. at times i have felt like thowing my trumpet across the room.. on the video you didn’t look much you were enjoying it. I saw one trumpet pro on you tube who said she had therapy cos for a while she hated her trumpet!! (she s back in love with it) I swim.. a lot .. but not that well.. I ask coaches poolside for help.. they had lots of advcie but didn’t really seem to help.. then1 guy once said “Steve.. focus on what you’re best at .. what youre doing well concentrate on that and spend time in the water.. I think for you its the glide on the right side..” .. he was right .. i started to swimn with a literal smile on my face.. my glide got better.. endurance .. speed all went up! (once I even beat my twin brother!) So what is you like most about the trumpet.. is it those Bach madrigals or something.. get back into enjoying those a lot.. cos I think the more time you have with relaxed (and that’s Greg’s key idea isn’t it.. beauty.. shape.. face time on the trumpet the faster you get better (you teach best what you most need to learn.. 2 weeks ago i have decided to call “break” much quicker than hitherto.. if my lips are not delighting in playing then get off. wait until they do I tell myself!)
All the best steve.. cheers

PS read that again just before pressing send and it struck me good swimmers are like good trumpet players.. most people who swim are not good swimmers.. they use far too much energy.. flapping of arms.. far too much kicking.. very poor efficiency.. taking 30+ strokes for 50 metres and above all poor endurance and VERY slow. What I aslo notice is that most swimmers don’t get much better, even if they swim every day .. cos the physics / their body shape in water is the great glass ceiling.. Where as the good swimmers spend MUCH LESS effort in the water. have hundred times better SHAPE as for efficency there is no comparison (both their hands virtually together at the front at the top of the stroke.. minimum legkick if any, great rotation from the mid section, head right down ) .. and they can propel themselves for miles at treble the speed, smiling away..

Windworks must be all about shape and glide.. it cant give us the smile though.. we need to do that bit!
good luck steve

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