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Hi Greg.First of all i must thank you for coming with this different way of playing on your trumpet.For i have always had the feeling that there was a different and better(more korrekt way of playing).Through i have had a Very good pro-life with playing,i always knew that i wasnt Really capable of relaxing while playing.So i could not show my true potentiale,Because I was to Busy with what other people thought And still i played a Lot of Lead-trumpet.And had Pretty good succes with that.Though my absolut highest note have been the high G.But now i want to bréak through my psyke,and try to find the true me.And release that part of my selv.So in am prepared to work,to get to that point.But again thank you for this different way of seing this problem,and fantastic way of attacking the psykological aspect of all this.My Very Best.Bjørn

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