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John, your approach sounds very similar to my own. I need focus and be more structured. I came back to playing just over 3 years ago and at school was a mouth pressure lad. A 40+ year break did not get rid of memories of how I used to play.
I have got rid of most of the old ways but they still creep in especially when I am in exposed position.
I do lots of research and experiment for hours. Fortunately I have plenty of time to practice but do tend to mess around. I have decided that Greg’s way is the one that works for me. Everything is getting better and more consistent. I used to struggle switching between trumpet and cornet but that has gone away now that I am focusing on passive air. I nearly gave up on cornet about 2 months ago but now will be carrying on with brass band.
I originally signed up for MM and have not yet subscribed to Windworks. I feel that I am not quite ready for next phase in my development. I want to nail lip slurring and working to outdo the fastest time on metronome!
How far have you got and how long has it taken?
Kind regards

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