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Thanks, good to know, it felt like what Ive been trying to internalize. I just finished the 3rd stepm on singing c and it is helping understand where support comes in and why its somewhat necessary.

The exercise has kind of stumped me since I was trying to keep my breath the same and was unable to sound much above 1st G above staff. Realizing the support was for the volume alone has helped and I’m still working hard with the drone and harmonic slurs to keep even. Although I do the Daniels exercise better in sound when I add support, I feel I get more toward learning shape by letting the volume drop and being consistent with air right now since I’m learning the new process. At least until I can sound the hi c by shape alone. Is this a process that will help till I learn more about all?
Oh and I’m so happy that so far no-one has talked about what to do with their tongue, mine seems to be doing what it needs without the endless roll and tuck.

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