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Ronald Carson

Thanks for the replies. I am healing slowly. This was not caused by too much high range playing. Remembercolin is probably correct in diagnosing it as over-use syndrome.

I had been working on my aperture corners. I went through the Andante fundamentals followed by all of the upper-register exercises from andante, adagio, and moderato stages. I did E to A progress chart in the moderato stage. Again my purpose was to change pitches focusing on my aperture corners. I admit that I did not rest as much as I played. Then I stopped. I am sure I played well over an hour.

The day after was the day I could not play at all. I used a didgeridoo that day to help induce vibration because I was having trouble doing the horse lip-flap

Now I sound good in the low register up to a D in the staff. Anything above a top-line F is iffy. My tone thins out as I ascend from top-space E up to high C. I am only playing a scale up to high C one time to gauge my recovery. The rest of the time I play long notes no higher than C in the staff and pedals. My lips still feel strange even without playing. Right after practice, I am used to my lips feeling good and tingly. Now, I play just a few notes my lips weak and odd.

John, I think Clarke is a good idea.

Thanks again. I will post more as I recover.

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