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Manley likes bending as well Greg as I’m sure you know, seems good players and teachers know it helps something. Ill just follow the script.

As long as the tongue video and instruction doesn’t go into anchor tongue Ill follow along. I marched that path for a year and all it did was add tension and put another piece of BS at the front of my mind. I seem to do best when I just use it to flick the change in a fairly trumpet unconscious manner.I picked up the horn after an early retirement about 4 years ago after being off the horn since 1969, I played at a fairly high level doing it with the strength of a 17 year old. I am willing to suspend judgement on almost anything at this point to find an easier way – even anchor tonguing if you say so, but it has been a fruitless effort to this point and just seems another way to block the resonance. I did it all with air the 1st time. Can’t wait to learn more but I also understand the value of taking it at a measured and well thought out process. When does the program get more into working shape, I am just finishing Largo and think that this particular portion of the program will have great benefit. I’m finding that a portion of very soft almost whisper practice does give me a more definite feeling of shaping the notes. I hope this follows the plan?

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