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Ronald Carson

Remembercollin, that article was spot on and described precisely what I felt.,injury%20suffered%20by%20brass%20players.&text=The%20reason%20is%20that%20the,the%20embouchure%20from%20working%20normally

Thankfully, I am back to practicing and feeling good.

Lesson learned: Do NOT overwork one’s aperture corners. I did the first 3 range-development exercises. I spent a lot of energy gripping my little finger. Then, I decided to fill out an entire practice progress chart starting with 60 bpm up as fast as I could, and as long as I could.

Today, I did a check-up on my lip slurs progress. 60 BMP softly for a minute, loudly for 20 seconds. Then, I about 160 BMP soft and long, and loud and long. Finally, I slurred at 216 BMP. I rested a minute between each.

Rest as much as you play will be adhered to while practicing.

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