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Ronald Carson

Bill, I love the video because I can relate.
You played the process A exercises, and I think you’re ready to play the results exercises keeping the same process until the results exercises are consistent.

The process exercises do not have to be perfect in tone quality but are for retraining our brain making it become the default without thinking it.

While doing the Andante singing C exercises, I discovered I was beginning to roll my lower lip inward. Then I overcompensated and rolled the lower lip to an extreme. Having rolled inward was a better sound and I could play higher. I was stuck trying to figure out if I was departing from the WindWorks’ process. If you are not sticking to the same process, you are not adhering to Greg’s teaching.

It is funny that you mentioned Maggio. I was looking at Maggio and Claude Gordon’s writings to get other perspectives. I noticed that there are parallels to how each presents the embouchure and they are essentially the same as Greg. Greg provides better explanations. These books made me decide not to roll my lips extremely outward and not inward. Where these books deviate from Greg, I am sticking with WindWorks.

Right now, I am thinking that keeping the lips close together with NO rolling inward as in “mmm” is the best starting position, and aperture corners and air determine the shape.

I say you are on the correct path and you should continue through the Andante singing C. When the “results exercises” sound great while sticking to the process, then you are ready to move on.

Is it like Maggio? I say yes and no. Louis Maggio says Lips are like reeds that function to vibrate. The lips should be:
1. Wet
3. In a forward position (Greg’s Ahh-ooh)
4. Corners of the mouth “in to” the eyeteeth as to Whistle. (Greg does not have us do that, but Greg has us move aperture corners move inward as we ascend.)
5. Relaxed and supple
Louis Maggio or MacBeth (who wrote the book) advocates a particular mouthpiece placement. Greg does not advocate a uniform mouthpiece placement and neither does Gordon. Gordon and Maggio do favor 2/3 on the top lip and 1/3 on the bottom lip. Greg wants us to “thread” the airstream using the visualizer and follow with the same mouthpiece placement.

I am thinking I am ready to move past the Moderato stage. For the next few weeks, I stay with moderato.

In experimenting with the range beyond moderato, I can play up to E in the staff and change dynamics soft to loud and loud to soft with a good sound. I can play F through High C, but I do not have good dynamic control. I cannot play these notes as soft as an E. Many times I get a trashy sound if play too loud or soft in the higher range. Playing with the same embouchure and with tongue arch, I can play up to D above the staff. I can’t sustain an E but I can stab it.

I guess we’re all “crazy whack jobs”.

Your post and video made me think some of us should get together in a zoom meeting to discuss listen to each other play some of the exercises.

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