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Ronald Carson

I’m glad your video got the professor to go comment. I feel like I’m on the right track and I think you are also. I have been involved in this for over a year and I am now getting a better understanding.
Since I passed the Largo stage, I do not ever think to close my eyes. I discovered I can focus and visualize (sounds like an oxymoron) what is happening with my eyes closed. I think I have gone through the Largo stage 4 times and this has been my second time to go through the Adagio and Andante stages. I will start the Moderato at the beginning of November.

Thank you again for posting your video; it was helpful to me. Also, glad to learn you are in TEXAS. I live in the Northeast part of the state, near a town called Mount Pleasant. I’ll put a post in the forum about doing a zoom meeting and see what kind of interest we can get. I am hoping to get John Elwood and you.

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