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Hi all..
My contribution for what its worth..
I think Greg’s approach and Balanced Embouchure (BE) complement each other very well. Both are focusing on the shape and in both tensionless playing is going to be the end result. One point where I would take issue is when Alistair writes that BE “advocates for playing with a very small aperture.” BE does not recommend any particular set up of the lips – rather it is a set of exercises where the goal is to duplicate the sound on the cd and then the lips work out for themselves what to do. (Rather like Greg and left handed golf.. amazing what your body is capable of) Personally for me my set up has indeed (of its own accord) got more closed but also the feel is more open and relaxed than ever.. sign that my embouchure is moving to a more balanced direction – or in WW terms – starting to take shape!
Concerning tongue one player I respect – he is a professional jazz guy – in 2007 was writing a lot about TCE and variations of it. In 2016 he had come to the conclusion “just forget the tongue.. it will work out what to do..” Of course for this guy thinking TCE in 2007 may have been one of the steps on the way for his development. BE does advoactas the importance (huge importance) of Tongue on Top Lip when practising BE (ie you need to be able to do it.. shows your set up is open enough) but then leaves it up to the individual if this seeps into his/her’s real playing.
cheers steve

PS Hope the golf still goes well Greg – my claim to fame is that I have been with Seve Ballesteros and Jack Niklaus drinking whisky – The Old Course Hotel St Andrews 1983 – it was just the 3 of us – a Magic moment!! For the record I should add I was the waiter in the room.

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