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Hi Alistair..good questions you raise about the lips. Below is a quote from Michael (Prof of physics N Z if i remember right) from Trumpet Herald forum. He was a big fan of BE. He wrote this back in 2006. Unfortunately i think he has passed away..unlike the challenges of mastering the trumpet. At least the Roll out pedals element of BE focuses on this pushing away feel..which I guess is akin to Ahh Oohh? Stay safe for Christmas..steve

Michael writes:
I was just about to stop, because my lips were starting to lose focus and thin out, then my corners kicked in with the double pedal inward feel, my embouchure focused inwards and forwards and the horn opened up. WOW! What a feeling. This HUGE tone came out of the horn, even up to high C, which would easily have fitted in to a symphony orchestra. This was playing on a mouthpiece with a cup volume similar to a Bach 7E. The other curious thing about this setting is that the sensation is of the lips pushing the mouthpiece away, not of the mouthpiece pushing into the lips. Michael

Ps Hi Jonnelwood. These last 2 days i have decided to stop thinking about playing higher..rather playing lower. In practise this means i focus on starting day with very relaxed g on top of staff and c above. Get my brain to feel /identify this as my normal.setting and then focus rest of day on playing lower. I am teaching myself that notes above the staff are easier than notes in the staff…at times i believe it..feel it..but only 20% of time so journey in progress..but if someone had told me i would be setti g this kind of objective 6 months ago i would have labelled them delusional! Learning the trumpet keeps on giving.

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