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You’re very welcome, glad if my thoughts were helpful to you.

I am experiencing first hand how new experiences / sensations from my experimentation with the WindWorks principles are creating new wiring in my brain and giving me a new/improved sense of what it is to play the horn and it is vastly superior to anything I’ve done before or thought possible.

The basis of it all is quite simple, but as we all know it is elusive as what precisely we are doing with our embouchure is obscured by the mouthpiece and even things we are doing within our bodies, some of which we don’t even realize we are doing, impact our playing as well.

But I am enjoying the journey more so than ever before, admittedly because I’ve been at a new level of playing and am getting results from my efforts–that poses an interesting challenge in and of itself, as I have time and time again altered, subtly/slightly, how I am playing because of my newfound results and increased expectations, which usually sends me on a new path to less efficiency.

Lately, I’ve been successful avoiding that trap/temptation and have “checked-in” with myself at certain guideposts I’ve identified along the way, certain passages that I play–I remember a sensation of how it feels, sounds, etc. that I want to replicate. This gives me a basis when I am playing other things, a goal to aspire to, and the goal is rather open, forward, relaxed with a free, open, resonant sound and a direct connection to what it is I’m trying to play, rather than muddling through inefficiency / blowing/powering through. It feels more of a release of energy, like I’m singing and obtaining a balance with the instrument. It is an ideal to aspire to that I don’t always achieve, but I have been experiencing it more and more each day in my playing and am hopeful that will continue if I remain focused on striving for that freedom/openness feeling when I play.

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