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Had trouble downloading the Walter White long tones last night, so did the Claude Gordon systematic approach last night…

Yep…I hated how I felt today! Felt stiff and like I had to work for hours to undo what that did to my chops… At one point, while playing the CG exercise, I actually felt like it was doing something good for my chops–a “good burn” in the corners.

I sounded pretty good today, played relatively well, but just felt stiff and a bit numb and hated how I felt. I did lips slurs and harmonic slurs, flexibility and played a lot of music and felt better by the end of the day.

Just bought the Walter White background mp3’s–had some trouble with his website, but got it down.

I’ll give it a go tonight or tomorrow and see what it does for me. My recollection is that I heard Walter White used long tones to get his chops into shape. I probably need to be careful and not overdo it–perhaps that’s what happened when I played the CG routine.

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