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Guillaume M

Hi Gabriel,
let me just answer 2 other questions from you in other topics.
This is my humble opinion, only :
– I don’t think air should go from your aperture corner. The idea is to make a good seal without air leaking.
– Regarding a middle C and playing forte without supporting it seems no possible.
I guess, again, a support is necessary. The whole idea of Greg Spence here, is to avoid bad tension and valseuva manoeuver, or something like this… But air support is obvious, as for abdominal support. Sing “ah” whispering it, and then sing “ah” out of loud as if you want to call someone on the other side of the street with a lot of traffic… Normally you don’t think about it, you just do it. But do it. And be aware of what’s happening with your abdominals…
I guess it will be all different. 😉
Same thing with trumpet. Just to find out a way to do it normally without pinching or tensing to much… The concept is quite easy to understand. But it needs a lot of practice to make it happen….
And as for your question about buzzing, I am not really able to answer. I’d like to know greg’s answer…
Best !

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