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e.heidenheim, you asked how long it took for WindWorks subscribers to get a sympathetic oscillation on the leadpipe and mouthpiece.

For me, it was right away for the lower part of my range. My problem may have been different than others. I think I played rather open, actually, and used a sympathetic vibration up to a point in my range but choked off with my throat, over blew and pivoted my bell down as I rolled my bottom lip under my top lip /blowimg the air down to the floor…

I found it useful to “check in” to see if I was getting a sympathetic vibration or was actively buzzing for quite a while. It helped me get into the habit of playing more relaxed, paying attention to the air–really getting in the habit of letting the release of the air do the work and stop my actively trying to produce the tone and rather move to releasing the air and responding to the air with my “Shape” to produce and/or refine my tone, etc.

I never focused much at all on lip buzzing, but understand that it may be useful for some. Maybe I will at some point, I’m still developing my range and the extreme upper register is achieved by an active lip vibration within the mouthpiece (above High C).

But I worried doing lip buzzing would make me go the other way, towards being too tight. I don’t worry about that any longer as I do focus on the air and reacting to that, rather than starting/focusing on the lips.

Hope that answers your question / helps FWIW.

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