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Many thanks for all your comments. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond but I’ve been digesting it all. I am taking two things away from this:

Firstly, development is definitely non-linear. No one will start at the beginning of Windworks and just work through it gradually improving incrementally. Everyone needs to revisit the fundamentals from time to time. This is to be expected and encouraged.

Secondly, this back-and-forth is actually how we improve as players, and should therefore be embraced. In the very first video on Windworks, Greg calls out the 3 things that hamper development; clamping, over-blowing and THE INABILITY TO IDENTIFY WHERE THE PROBLEMS SIT. This was my main reason for joining Windworks, and to be honest, I was (naively?) expecting the answer to be much more prescriptive than it is. I notice that the longer-serving members of this community have quite a different mind-set to the newbies. They are more accepting of failure, in fact they don’t even see it as failure, it’s embraced as an opportunity to investigate and improve.

I realise now that the critical thing I completely missed when I originally went through the Windworks fundamentals was the impact that the non-linear improvement would have on trying to find other problems. Everything is so interconnected, that fixing/changing one thing can so easily change everything else, maybe only slightly, but you still need to run all the checks just to tweak and be sure.

So, in response, I went back to the top of the course, started working on the 4 factories and straight away found examples of throat tightening, unnecessary tongue tension, jaw closing and inadequate use of the BCH, all of which I’m now working on, all of which have already benefitted the rest of my playing. I’m sure my mind-set is still too critical and impatient, but this just another habit that I’m learning to break.

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