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Hi Greg. I made it to the end of your video! You really clarified some important things (the process of rewiring should have NO expectations attached, the exercises are an assessment not a target, keep a mental portrait, belief vs. confidence etc.) so thank you so much!

One thing I do which I know doesn’t fit with your description, is when you said “then you go out on the golf course and forget about it”. This is the square/circle elements of playing, right? Since starting on this course, when I move from circle to square and practice actual music, my mind is working overtime, and trying to correct my technique on the fly, whilst still trying to play musically, which I know goes against what you say in the “how to practice” lesson at the beginning of the Andante stage.

Higher up in this thread johnelwood has already given some great advice on breaking down technical issues, but if I do that too obsessively, I’ll never properly leave the circle mentality. So how do you suggest I balance the two? Should I mainly play music that doesn’t pick on the holes in my technique too much, or tackle head on those pieces that I know will lay bare my technique, and accept that either I can’t play them as well as I want or that I’ll probably stop every couple of bars to reset, rework, rethink?

By the way, my sound and range weren’t at their best today, but today, thanks to my new-found objectivity, I feel like I’ve had a good day’s playing – progress!

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