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Sorry I didn’t see the post. I didn’t mention one thing that helped me not to think about the process but probably helped more than just the mental side. Its just an exercise that got me away from being mechanical, but tends to make things (hopefully the right things) progress more rapidly on embouchure stuff.
I read it a few years ago and a pretty famous player recommended it for a fast warmup among other things, and I think it might be similar to what Greg is doing.

I turn on the metronome to 60, and play a quarter note, then rest for 7 beats and repeat, taking horn off lips and doing a breath between each note. I try to do about 5 minutes on low c, g, mid c, e, and g above. trying for clean articulation, pitch, and tone. But not worrying much if I miss, just keeping the things Greg wants you to do in mind. I find by the time I have done 3-4 minutes on each note that everything starts to coordinate and starts to sound good each time. I think that tends to make it observational vs. work on something. Just note what you are doing right or wrong and sometime within the 5 minutes you hit enough good notes that the brain unconsciously makes he required changes. This coordinates the breath and the oooh of the lips and keeps them from being separate actions. I really don’t think that Greg wants us to actively say Aaaaahooooh each time we begin to play, that at least for me would mess my head, but to begin to learn a shape and feel that can work for up. If on a gig you would never have time to Aaaahoooh before each attack, my thoughts are to learn the shape by doing the exercise, then mimic the shape and breathe and play.
This simple method of listening and letting the unconscious work leads to many discoveries that you didn’t plan, for instance I found that my upper register becomes much clearer and forceful with just a little more lower lip in MP. It just allows you to play 1 note 500 times and see what works. I don’t so much try to correct but to observe whats happening and I unconsciously ease into something that works better. Try this for 5 minutes, and keep the flesh under the mp fully relaxed and see if it helps. Greg please correct this if Im giving bad advice, its just helped me with playing more freely.

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