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Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for revealing this information. Like you, I have been a member of WindWorks (and even longer if you count the time with Gregs MTM book 1), and a ‘reasonable standard’ semi-pro player. But I feel I have a similar impediment.

After going back to Largo around this time last year because I knew the efficiency wasn’t there, and realising I would have more time than ever to ‘nail’ the process, I had a lesson with Greg to try and push things along. He mentioned that I am very ‘engaged’ talker, which is very true. After all this time, I am still no further along despite plenty of practice every day on the process and cannot get out of the early part of Largo. I have been very close to giving up (particularly with a subscription which I am happy to keep paying if only I had a glimmer of hope). Gregs most recent videos on patience and belief, along with Andrew Hubermans video on neural pathways, have helped me come to terms with patience, but I suspect I have more breath and throat relaxation work to do.

John, thank you so much for your posts too. They have given me inspiration to carry on and regardless of lack of progress on the course, I feel my general playing on ‘Me, version 1’, is better due to the understanding I have picked up.

So it appears, it’s the very foundations of breathing, even without the trumpet, that is holding me back. As I have found over the last year, I have to keep going further and further back to relaxation before even picking up the tissue and visualiser. Which is frustrating, on many levels, but each day, I learn something new and a lot more at peace with the ‘frustration’ as a result. The goal of efficiency, is worth it.

Thanks so much for your input to the forum everyone.


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