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Thanks for elaborating on this. When I asked the questions I hadn’t yet started the Andante section, I now have and my questions were quickly answered and your note explained things to a greater degree. Ive been really working each section thru hard and spend at least 1 hr a day on your stuff. Doing it this way and in a kind of meditative manner seems to be getting the most out of this devoted practice and much of the first 2 sections has been absorbed and more is becoming second nature. For 2-3 months I’ve been stuck at hi c when trying to ascend without the push and air I normally add to sound the higher notes. I just couldn’t get past the c and sometimes couldn’t get it without resorting to old habits. I can easily play past ther with “normal” habits, but that’s not what this is about – I want better habits. I think I was spending too much time on the singing piece when I should have moved ahead a bit faster. I went thru a few lessons on the Andante and my questions were clarified (they were answered earlier and I didn’t get it) and I saw immediate improvement. I didn’t pick up a third but it all got easier and clearer and I have more endurance. I’m sure that doing it correctly will only build strength and eventually volume.

I urge everyone to just trust and maybe read ahead a bit 😂 I played good enough in the mid 60’s to get paid to play big band music, quit for 50 years, and started back hard 3 years ago. I’m confident that within a year I’ll be playing at that level and shortly after leaving that behind. All because of this program and how it consistently leading me to success and better play.
Sincere thanks Greg

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