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I tried matching the dynamic as opposed to releasing the air fully/passively, etc. My hum didn’t feel as openly passive where I just released the air out. I think I focused more on trying to match the dynamic volume than letting the air exhale fully passive/naturally.

Regarding my post above, I suppose that experiment would be more linear if one released the air fully/passively as opposed to holding the same dynamic at different pitches.

I know if the air is constant, then the lower pitches would be louder than the higher pitches without active air support, etc.

But I wonder if there’s something to the ease of holding out a note at different pitches at the same dynamic–if it’s easier to maintain a G on the staff or middle C than a Low C or other notes below the staff.

At times, when things are going right (which, lately they have…), it really does feel like I’m letting the sound happen and not actively producing it…like I’m releasing energy into the instrument, not pushing it out through the instrument and there’s a cooperation happening.

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