• I once had a big issue of jaw engagement. For a few weeks, I worked on low/mid range without engaging my jaw. It helped significantly.

    So, I’d say to avoid things that make you feel like you’re pushing too hard or engaging the wrong muscles. Be conscious of this issue while playing MTM and seek to make improvement. Watch the aperture corner…[Read more]

  • Thank you for the replies!

    John, you mention pulling the mouthpiece out to check for a sympathetic buzz. I notice I can hardly ever get the mouthpiece not to buzz when I pull it out, which I guess would indicate synthetic oscillation…

    Been messing with lots of articulations and some lead pipe playimng. How else can I work on this sympathetic…[Read more]

  • I am actually speaking of two walls. The first is a little bit of my own focus. I have not been being as attentive and determined as I previously was when practicing MTM.

    The second is a range and endurance wall. It gets much better for a week, then much worse for two, then better again, then worse. Neither the ups nor the downs have improved as…[Read more]

  • What MTM exercises are you doing every day? I have hit a bit of a wall and hopefully hearing what helps you will help me freshen up my practice with some new things to think about. Thanks!

  • Today I practiced in front of the mirror and noticed a very drastic issue that I was previously unaware of. As I play through phrases, my lips thin into a very wide smile in just a few bars. When I breathe however, it resets. But this KILLS my endurance. I am glad I am aware of it now. I am going to continue playing in front of a mirror and…[Read more]

  • Hi John, thank you for your advice. I decided to really zone in and experiment with the aperture corner tension the last few days and have noticed some improvement. I am going to continue this and watch every video Greg has on range/aperture.

    To answer your questions, Ive been playing for 8 years and Ive been doing WW for three months now.

  • I make this post with significantly less frustration than I usually experience, lol. Right now I am nearly satisfied, because so many things are improving…my tone quality, my dynamic range, my endurance, articulation, flexibility etc…but not my range. I am still stuck at a G or A just above the staff, which is far below where I feel I should…[Read more]

  • I had the same issue! I did not want to do harmonic slur practice because I didn’t know if I was doing it right.

    Stick with the process.

    Focus on the feeling of the singing c exercises. As you progress through the course, your slurs will be done with less and less effort. I can’t tell you exactly how to do slurs because that won’t help you.…[Read more]

  • I am taking this course because I am incredibly frustrated about my range. It has never really been great, but in the past 6 months it has just been declining. Having super high range is not a priority of mine, but my range is so poor I am extremely limited in the tunes I can play cleanly. Despite hours of daily practice and thought I have not…[Read more]

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