• Guillaume – I really appreciate the insight – perfectly on topic and makes a lot of sense. In fact I think you bring my subconscious thoughts to the fore – this new way of playing does feel better and ‘right’, and as such I’m very happy to take the slow road and take it one step at a time.

    I guess my worries stem from difficulty in reconciling…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for the full and insightful replies – “It’s not Strength that you need to build, it’s coordination, relaxation, patience” sums it up very nicely – but I would like to probe this one step further if I may 🙂

    On the harmonic slurs, the measures of progress are 1.) the length of time you can keep it up for, and 2.) the speed at whi…[Read more]

  • Hi – I am a returning player, always had some range and endurance issues, now super-keen to right the historic wrongs. I am really enjoying the programme thus far and have been working on it for a number of months. It just feels and seems so logical and right. I had a few revelatory moments and a few setbacks – even ended up restarting the…[Read more]

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