• Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the video post – while I was watching that I followed along and found the exercise of deliberately closing the throat to compare that with an open feeling very helpful. I have been approaching the situation focusing only on what the desired behaviour should be and trying to ignore the negative habits – but having experienced…[Read more]

  • That is very helpful – I also found that relaxing the intercostal too quickly causes a rush of air that gets trapped behind the lips and the pressure triggering a tightening reaction – I can work with the concept of controlled relaxation – thanks

  • So I have been doing the back-swing, taking a relaxed breath in, relaxed all the way to my lower abdomen – I find that I can hold that relaxed inhale without the urge to push air out and have my throat totally relaxed but had to really work hard at relaxing as the tongue come into position – as soon as my tongue comes up tension triggers and I go…[Read more]

  • Absolutely brilliant Greg, love the end result there and all based on a sound skill development process 🙂

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