• I’m wondering what the hive mind thoughts are on practice time. I’ve heard such varying accounts of what is adequate, but I’m curious what M2M folks think of this question.

    Is this purely based on the individual? Even rough estimates would help me to gauge my time and the time of my students.

    Also, how do you divide your time?

  • Re: “I believe the tongue is simply rising into the air column and slightly interrupting it, it may not be completely stopping it, when playing legato / softer passages. I strive for keeping the air moving through the phrase and only interrupting the air as little as possible with the tongue to achieve the desired articulation.”

    I’ve never…[Read more]

  • I’m having trouble tonguing with less front. I’ve been working hard on my articulations and find that I can tongue with precision and a good start to the note when I fully release the air from my mouth with the tongue. The articulation is hard and clear, however, any time I try to soften this to suit a more gentle style, it gets unreliable and not…[Read more]

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