• Hi Hugo,
    I just compared the frequency spectra of your recordings with the long-C-note audio recordings of Grec. The most prominent difference is right after the attack. In Grecs spectra I saw only the distortions caused by the metronome in the background. While your spectra contain clear visible distortions. Based on my own experience and…[Read more]

  • Hi all trumpet players,

    Let’s introduce myself first, which I did not do in my first question: About three months ago I found trumpet when digging through the moving goods, untouched for about 40 years. This reminded me of a teacher saying ‘Do not press with your lips’ without explaining how to do that. Nowadays, you simply find such answers o…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jan for your answer! I am glad that I asked this question.
    Is an accurate understanding of these words/labels important? I think so, because it helps the brain to internalize the quality of sound.
    What is a pure sound? (I guess a not distorted sound)
    What is a rich sound? (I guess a brassy sound with lots of overtones, opposite of…[Read more]

  • Googling on the term ‘centered sound´, gives results like:

  • the sound in the middle of your stereo set
  • the middle C on a keyboard
  • But in the context of the sentences like:
    ‘Find the centre of each note immediately Each note must “slot” or find its centre as soon as the valves change. Now that you have found the centre of the pitch (SHAPE), on t…[Read more]

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