• Being from Sydney, I was lucky enough to hear live, people like Bob Barnard who recently sadly died. This is a guy that Warren Vache allowed to finish off the cornet parts for a wonderful movie “The Gig”. Listen to both of these people and you’ll get it. Pure singing through the horn. James Morrison one has to mention. Lee Morgan scares the hell…[Read more]

  • Right on the money Alistair. Observing players like that is so different for me since windworks came into my life. Instead of panicking and thinking I’ll never be able to do that, I think of everything Greg is saying and think the only thing stopping me is in my head. Thanks again for that clip. regards, Brian Somerville.

  • somerville465 replied to the topic Trumpet Chat #7 in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 3 months ago

    Dear Greg, every time I listen to your deep thinking chats I feel like I’ve had a session with an expensive phycologist. But in a much more real way. To me this is about changing my whole way of living my life. That’s why I’ll keep windworks as long as I can breath (concert hall breath). I enjoy playing so much more and trying millions…[Read more]

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