• Thanks Eric

    I think the mindfulness is probably the key. I haven’t done it for over a week, so fingers crossed that the mindfulness and the self-hypnosis are working. I’ll have a look at that product, also. Thanks.

    Kind Regards

  • Hi All!

    Most trumpet teachers, particularly classical ones, tell you not to blow your cheeks.

    However, when I look at the great jazz players – not just Dizzy Gillespie, who is extreme, but also Freddy Hubbard, Chet Baker, Clark Terry and many others, they ALL blows their cheeks out. If they do it, why is that? And why are we told not to.

    I…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much, Ronald, for your good advice. I certainly will do the hygiene steps that you advise. Living in the UK, and with no private medical insurance, I went to Hungary to have the implants, for about a quarter of the cost of UK dentistry. I’m sure what I ended up with is about as good as it’s possible to get, and the dentist had 25…[Read more]

  • I have an annoying problem. I have a tendency to bite the inside of my lip , usually while eating, but sometimes at odd times when I’m distracted. It hurts like hell, my lip starts swelling, and it affects my ability to play. It plays havoc with rehearsals and gigs.

    I have a full set of ceramic teeth, top and bottom (because of my age), which…[Read more]

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