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I have been struggling with the progressive Harmonic Slur progress chart exercises at the F# and G level and continued to stick with the process, going back over the F# and G singing C exercises and also moved forward to do some of the Ascending Harmonic exercises which are scheduled after the G harmonic skills. I did lots of experimenting with different lip and jaw positions and lots of eyes closed long tones as well.

As my colleague PaulHolly suggested I have be really focusing on the rolled out lower lip (“milk spout” feel) and today it appeared to pay some dividends as I was able to make it through all the F# & G harmonic slurs for 20 seconds up to 100 beats per minute.

Still lots of work to do, but the reason I am posting is not to boast, but to assure all Windworks members that it certainly appears that if you trust the process, as Greg has said, that you can overcome the adversity present when relearning how to produce sound efficiently on this instrument (as I am).

Be aware that I am still a huge “work in process” and still have a long way to go, but I will take this interim victory and try to build further off of it.

Hopefully this post will encourage others to stick with the program and keep moving forward, even if it feels like baby steps at times.

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