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Janet Myers

Thanks for replying, hotflugel.

I’ve been considering what you wrote and I could sign up for a lesson, but I think I’ll at least take the time to go through the Largo lessons as many times as it takes for those to sink in first. (I haven’t even cleared the first 8 lessons in the Largo Status stage yet for having to go through them over and over again.) I think putting money into a lesson at this point would not be as beneficial as it would be if I was further along in application of the videos. Even possible incorrect application would be more to work with than I have now. I’ll wait.

Greg talks about using a metaphorical magnifying glass to examine what we are doing, but mine is broken. Right now, I can’t even tell how I’ve been getting from A to B under the Stamp method. I can see no reason to be playing as well as I do or as high as I do, but I do see a reason to change everything away from Stamp. (That said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”, not Einstein BTW.) I want genuinely different results.

And now I find myself no different than a kid looking in the back of the book for answers to a quiz — I found one of Greg’s videos on YouTube about high range and tried what he taught. It works. I played higher notes than I ever have before in my life, but I’ll leave that alone for now. I do believe in laying a solid foundation and not building on sand, so I won’t be jumping levels. But, it’s nice to know there’s something I could try to incorporate (if needed) to keep my high range in place through my end of April pops concerts!

All the best,

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