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Oi, Hi From Belguim as well 🙂

I kinde have the same problem.
I’ve been practicing windworks now for about 6+ months and I do got to say I love the concept behind it a lot.

As I’ve been playing 20 years ago with forcing and squeezing and… meh…
I did put the trumpet aside for some time.
Now that I’m about to reach the age of 40 I wanted to play again.
Yet… reaching that G on top of the staff is again such a struggle. even after a year of playing and 6 months of trying to kick that 1.0 brain out of the door..
even sometimes the F and E below that G become bloody hard and sounds soooo forced after 30 min of practice or playing.
I definitely dont want to rush things to play the higher notes, but sometimes I do wish I could reach that high A above the staff with ease already as that would makes thins more fun to play.

I know this reply probably wont help you at the moment.
but now you know you’re not alone at the moment as well 😀

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