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I have been playing the Trumpet for 15 years this time around and I too have a major overbite. After 9 months using the process and completing the Largo Stage I have managed to establish a foundation that instinctively sets the Trumpet up horizontal.
My main focus was to start with AM-AH-OO ,establish an aperture gap with my lips set and then blow a stream of air onto the palm of my hand to ensure it was directed straight and as my jaw and tongue moved that the stream would trend up.Most of the early redirecting of the air and thus changing my embrocher was achieved off the instrument. I have a mouthpiece and apiece of hose as a lead pipe in my shed that I would use regularly during the day as I played around with my wood working pursuits.The other thing was to constantly set up and blow air onto my hand whenever I would think of it,much to my wife’s embarrassment, as this sometimes happens in company.
The changes I have made at the mouthpiece has given me a great deal of pleasure as I feel I have identified an inefficiency that has impeded my advancement.Sorry to rabbit on ,hope this makes sense,and please excuse a layman’s approach reducing the complex into the simplex.To Greg, thanks heaps for Wind Works ,a way forward yahoo!

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