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Hello Reijer,
Thanks for your comments ,your interaction is appreciated.
For me,yes I have found playing easier. I have noticed a darker sound (as long as I concentrate on keeping a good aperture opening)better endurance and quicker recovery ,maybe due to not playing on the top lip,( I regularly had the imprint of my top teeth in my upper lip.), and more flexibility with lip slurs and intervals.
Coincidentally, I found that when I played the Flugel,the bigger mouth piece allowed me to even out the contact and this started the process in my head that allowed me to change my setting.
The whole Wind Works process up to this point has also given me a relaxed sound when playing at rehearsal and gigs.Alas it is also in these situations that my old brain creeps in and hijacks the process.
Anyway, I try to play every day ,as soon as I lay off the crash comes quick and the rebuild slow.

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