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Good afternoon Hixsta,

Yes I have a visualiser, I had a zoom meeting with Greg this morning to address my habits of playing downstream with the trumpet and pulling my chin backwards. After a while when Greg explained a few corrections I could make to my aperture and how to achieve them I already started to feel the airstream going up and with no tension al all. When things get hard with sightreading and playing I have the habit to fall into the old setting. I now have the visualizer in my pocket and use it when I can. Thank you for the response, it good to read that I’m not the only one with this problem.

Also you Maestro Pete, thank you for your insights. It’s great to be here and discusse these things with eachother. As a father of 3 boys in the age of 11, 13 and 15 and with a wife frequently absence I have to manage my time better so I can study every day at a regular time.

again thank’s everyone for the positive input.

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