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Goodmorning to all of you,

I want to ask you how you do your practice routine? I’ve come back here for a few weeks now. I was working in “The Balanced Embrouchure” methode and it brought on so many tension in the body and lips that I have let go of it and are back here. I’ve started doing the Largo section reading and working on the exercises. Blowing the tissue, visualiser, mouthpiece and leadpipe.

After that I rest for a while or do some householding and start on my orchestral practice. I’m an amateur player in a fanfare orchestra. I think you call it a brass band in English? I’m not good at sightreading so I do what Greg said to me, do it slow and measure to measure.

The point I try to make is that I find it hard to get into the right routine so that every part that I have to be practice get’s it’s attention. So i love some advice on this.

Thanks for having me here and hope to hear some advice I can work with.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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