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Mike Abbate

Hello Ken. My name is Mike and I’m a so called come back player after 35 yrs off. I was considered a respectable player during the 30yrs I did study and play. I’ve been working the Windwork system from the beginning of my return to the trumpet 10 months ago. Your post is my first contribution to the forum and I would like to say that your post was well thought out and precisely accurate in my humble opinion. In fact, without exception, you have expressed exactly how I feel and approach music and in particular the horn.

May I add that it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Greg that preaches the same. Being that I live in New York and grew up loving and wanting to learn and understand the trumpet, I actively looked for a person who could help me be a more complete player in all aspects of the instrument. So My journey included studies with Carmine (for about 6 months), and then Roy Stevens of about 3 yrs. They did have some of the answers but unfortunately not all or in some cases even the right answers. I’ll go on record to say, again from my experience, and I truly believe this that Greg does have the answers to our life long endeavor, as well as the ability to help people like all of us to understand and actually feel the process without the frustration (in the errors we make are the answers to our success).

So thank you Ken for your post and thank you Greg for giving this old man a second change at something that I’ve loved since I was 4yrs old. Oh, Sorry if I got long winded – my wife tells me I talk to much. Thanks again.

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