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My all time favorite is Herb Alpert, I’m born in 1959 and as a youngster I dragged my mother down to the recordstore to buy his first album “The Lonely Bull”. After that album came a lot of others he made with his Tijuana Brass. But also as a solo artist after the Brass stopped playing he’s a wonderfull performer. I was so lucky to see him play in the Netherlands (we’re I live) in 1975. Next year I’m going to see him again in concert in London. At the age of 88 years he is still recording and performing. He’s the example to me that if you do it right you can play the trumpet for a very long time.

If I look at my own country I have to mention Eric Vloeimans, what he can do with the trumpet is out of the ordinary. He makes it whisper, let it swing and play classical music and with every style it look like there’s an other performer. Incredible, you should check him out.

Herb Alpert made me pick up the horn and made me play.

With the help of Greg and the forum members I hope to play for many years more.

Greetings from Reijer and may the list keep growing.

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