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Janet Myers

Good post, Nigel. Thanks.

Yes, Greg’s teaching methods are quite well rounded.

As someone who is now suffering from Embouchure Focal Dystonia (coming up on a year now), addressing all aspects of playing is essential, whether you have Dystonia or not. My decline seems to have finally hit bottom and I have found myself thinking at times that a psychologist would have been helpful along the way. Where did I see that sentence about Dystonia? “The death of the player you once were”? That’s real. It’s a hard death. I think I have finally come to terms with this and am ready to let go of the past and do the work to dig myself out of the Dystonia grave and learn to play again. Sadly, the past — my 1.0 brain — is fighting a tremendous battle to not let go. It has extraordinarily entrenched neural pathways. (I did that to myself by reinforcing those pathways daily over decades.)

If any of you are questioning the validity of Greg’s methods — don’t. Commit to it and do the work. I believe that it will save you from the heartache that can come when other methods you’ve used finally fail.

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